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10 Rules for Achieving Success

10 Rules for Achieving Success

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Goals are important in life.  They keep us on target, as they are most often milestone markers to our dreams and of our lives.   Not all goals have to be great.  They can be small, large or medium sized.  As simple as drinking more water every day to improve your health, or as complicated as getting in shape to compete in a triathlon.   Sometimes they can be achieved quickly, in a day or two, and sometimes they can take months, years, or even a lifetime.  Most of us start out with good intentions but do not always know how to achieve our goals.  We get lost along the way, turned around, or run out of motivation.   Its hard to keep focused without a game plan, and its hard to be successful if you don’t know how to start.  Recently we read a great book by Gary Ryan Blair called Goals – The 10 Rules for Achieving Success and we would like to share some of the interesting advice we’ve learned!  

Rule #1: Be Decisive – Choose the goal you wish to achieve!  Decided what you want in life and go for it.  Be precise and set your mind on a specific target.  Big or small, figure out what you want and make it happen.

Rule #2: Stay Focused – Never stop thinking about your goal.  Keep your eye on the prize.  Don’t let it out of your sight!  Write your goal on your hand to remind you every day what you are working for!

Rule #3: Write Your Goals – Keep your goals in sight by writing them down.  Put them on a post-it note, in a notebook, on your computer desktop wallpaper, on your bedroom door, or even on the refrigerator.  Goals that are out of sight disappear or get forgotten.  Don’t let this happen.  Turn the idea of your goal into a solid reminder of what you are trying to achieve.

Rule #4: Plan Thoroughly – Planning is extremely important.  The more you plan, the less time you waste making mistakes or changes to your plan.  It helps you know what to expect, how to achieve it, and to iron out wrinkles. Planning gives you a course of action to follow- a roadmap to success!

Rule #5: Involve Others – Don’t be afraid to seek advice.  Many goals have already been achieved and the ones who have “been there” or “done that” will make the best guides on your journey to success.   Learn from the mistakes and successes of others as well.

Rule #6: Welcome Failure – While this step may seem odd, its very important to welcome failure.  See it as a learning opportunity.  A chance to learn what doesn’t work, and to start over more efficiently and effectively.   Don’t be discouraged by failure.  At one point or another, everyone fails.  Failing does not make you a “failure”. The difference between you and a failure is that you will keep trying until you achieve success.

Rule #7: Take Purposeful Action – Self explanatory… Just do it.  Seize the Day.  Get up and go.  You need to take action in order to achieve success.  You can set a goal of running a marathon, but if you don’t get out there and run every day, you’ll never achieve your dream.  You have to work hard and keep at your goal every moment of every day.

Rule #8: Inspect what you Expect – While reaching for your goal, and taking action, sometimes it’s a good idea to take a step back and analyze where you are heading.  Are you making progress?  Are you going in the right direction?  Are you putting in enough effort to get to to the top?  Are your goals realistic?  Ask yourself the right questions and make adjustments to your plan of action.

Rule #9: Reward Yourself – Reward yourself along the way to big dreams by celebrating the smaller accomplishments and milestones that get you there.  Take a moment to recognize your achievements, your progress and your hard work.  Let it be a day off to relax, a night out with friends, a cheat day on your diet, or rewarding yourself in some other way to help keep you positive and motivated.

Rule #10: Maintain Personal Integrity – In order to achieve the goals you set out to achieve you must have the integrity to put in the time, hard work and effort.  You need the drive to stick to your goals no matter what.  It can be really difficult to stick to things when no one is watching.  I can be very tempting to take short cuts or cheat to achieve a goal faster, but the only person who misses out is yourself.  Stay on the path to greatness and show up to work every day.  Only you can make your dreams happen.


Have any additional rules or tips to achieving success by accomplishing your goals?   Let us know in the comments section below!

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