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10 Secret Things Insanely Successful People Do Every Day

10 Secret Things Insanely Successful People Do Every Day

There are a number of habits that will help an individual become successful and the most successful people in this world have usually adapted an entire ritual of “daily best habits”. They stick to these habits religiously as they greatly contribute to their success by improving efficiency and productivity on an every day basis.

Today, I’m going to share ten of these best kept daily habit secrets with you:

1. They focus on the most important thing they need to do, instead of multitasking.

Successful people know that they have to bite the bullet right away and get the most important task done first. It’s all about organizing your priorities. Multitasking, while beneficial at times, shouldn’t be utilized during your most important tasks. It causes productivity, attention to detail and work productivity to suffer.

2. They limit the frequency they are checking and responding to emails.

It’s tough. I’ve had it happen to me. I wake up in the morning and answer all my client emails and by the time I’m done, I have a new set of email responses to go through again and answer. Before I know it, it’s time for lunch and nothing has been accomplished. Choose two or three times a day to check or respond to your emails and resist the urge to check them in between. It is the worst thing you can do to constantly check and respond to emails all day long. In fact, to be even more productive, sometimes I won’t even check my emails until noon. Trust me, they’ll be ok. If you have a client emergency, they’ll text or call you.

3. Avoid meetings.

Whenever possible, avoid scheduling or taking meetings. They are productivity killers. People tend to drag their feet before meetings waiting for the time they need to head to them, they always start late, waiting for people to arrive, and the right people never tend to be in them. Meetings always run over schedule and go off topic. If you do go into a meeting, make sure it starts on time, and there is a clear and precise outline of discussion topics and what you’d like to accomplish during the meeting.



4. They do things right the first time, and only do things once.

Successful people don’t waste time. They are efficient down to the last minute and do what needs to be done then and there. You’ll understand this if you have spent many occasions sorting or organizing mail, read an email 2 or three times before responding or if it takes you 2-3 sessions to finish folding your laundry. Successful people do things right the first time, and check them off their list. Their life isn’t cluttered and they don’t procrastinate ever. Anything you get down now, to it’s entirety, only frees up more time for you in the future.

5. They have healthy and active routines to keep both their mental and physical selves in top condition.

Successful people eat well, they exercise, get to bed early, get a full night’s sleep and wake up early. They are energetic, and take the time to keep their selves in the best health possible. Successful people also take “me time” for mental sharpening and conditioning as well, such as meditation, reading a book, or enjoying their favorite hobby.

6. Carry a notebook.

Successful people are very busy and on the go, but lightning can strike at any time. To give themselves reminders, or to keep track of future tasks that need scheduling or to jot down those million dollar ideas that pop into their heads daily, they always have a notebook near by. Your cellphone “notes” doesn’t count. Most people forget to even check those at the end of the day and can’t remember what note goes to which. Writing it down is the best way.

7. They focus on minutes of the day and not hours.

Time is the most important and scare commodity every successful person has and needs to make the most of. To really be a master of your schedule and be as efficient as possible with all of your time, you need to build a tighter schedule into your day and get used to sticking to it. Instead of scheduling their day into hour blocks, in which time in between gets lost and wasted, the most successful people manage their days between the minutes. Half-hour blocks are scheduled into their calendar. You need to make the most of all 1,440 minutes in every day and the only way you can do that, and guarantee the flow in your workday is to schedule your day up to the minute. It may be hard at first but you’ll soon learn how to stick to the most important aspects of any task and move forward before you drag your feet or waste time with dead space in your agenda.

8. They make schedules, not to-do lists.

To-do lists are great, but only when you are creating that list to put it into your daily schedule. If you write a to-do list and just plan on winging your day by selecting items off your list and completing them as you please, you’ll end up with half of that list incomplete, and with a ton of anxiety. It’s ok to make a list of things you have to do, but to guarantee you get them done, you need to fit them into your schedule and assign a time and duration for that task. Otherwise the tough things won’t get done and you’ll find that half your day gets wasted not accomplishing anything at all on your list.

9. They separate work and family life and make time for both.

Since successful people are so good with their time management, they have more time to spend with their family, while taking a break from work, and always make time to do it. A disconnected or struggling family life will lead to trouble in the work place and the stresses of the work place should be let go during family time. A healthy balance is the key to endless success.

10. They set boundaries and turn people down.

Successful people know when to say when, and they know when to turn people down. Their time is limited and important and they know that they cannot take on the world every day, nor can they make time to make everyone else happy. They know it’s ok to say no to things that aren’t on the top of their priority list, and they know how to manage and minimize intrusions in their lives and daily work flow that cause delays or lapses in productivity.

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