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12 ways to make new friends

12 ways to make new friends

Everyone can use an extra friend.  A person to share life experiences with, to laugh and cry with, and to make a strong connection with that will last a life time.  You may have friends come and go in your life time, but what always remains the same is that great friends will make your life better.

Looking to make a few new friends?  Here are some ways and places you can:

Work:  Don’t be shy!  Attend a local happy hour with some coworkers, sit at a new table in the lunch room, or reach out to the person in the cubical next to you and say hi!  Having good friends at work will only make your work day more enjoyable.  

Gym & Sports:  Join a gym or sign up for a co-ed sports league.  You’ll make new friends while sharing your love of fitness and sports!  Maybe even discover a new activity you enjoy.

Call Up an Old Friend:  Nothing wrong with reviving an old friendship.  Pull out that little black book and see who you’ve lost touch with when “life happened”.  Chances are they will be just as excited, eager and happy to reconnect as you are.

Social Media:  There are many websites now a days where you can reach out and make new friends, like Social Jane and Girlfriend Social.  Don’t be shy!  People on those sites are looking to make new friends as well.

Volunteering:  Volunteering is a great way to make new friends and help out a good cause.  Whether you are working for a charity, or a non-profit, or helping out around your community, it is a great way to meet wonderful people and make new friends.

Church:  Religious groups and churches are wonderful organizations that connect people in both faith and friendship.

Online Dating:  Online dating is a great way to make a new friendship, that may possibly turn into a relationship.  There are many dating sites online that help people find each other based in interests and location.

New Activities, Clubs & Interest Groups:  Starting a new activity is a great way to make friends.  You can begin by finding local clubs or interest groups in your area and joining in.  Starting a new sport, joining a photography club, or attending a dog walking adventure is a great way to meet new people who share very similar interests.  It is also a great way to develop new interests.  The clubs are endless – clubs for moms, pottery making, dancing, the arts, acting, sports, literature, networking, pets, ect.

Talk to everyone you meet:  You never know when a friend will pop up in your life.  You can meet them in the line for coffee, in the seat next to you on a flight, or while taking a fitness class.  Making a new friend is as simple as opening your mouth and saying “hi” or “nice shirt”, or “I love your dog”.  It could potentially start a conversation that could earn you a life long pal.

Smile and Make Eye Contact:  Friendly people are warm and inviting.  The more eager and approachable you are, the more likely you are to attract new friends.

Listen:  Everyone likes to talk, but sometimes the secret behind making a new friend is letting them talk while you listen.  Asking questions that may get a shy person to open up about themselves and start chatting.  You may find similarities about each other that will apart a full blow conversation, if not a new friendship.

Introduce Yourself:  You are much more likely to be remembered and inviting if you introduce yourself to the people around you.  Just because you may have a name tag on during that corporate convention, nothing is friendlier then holding out your hand and introducing yourself to a stranger.   See someone sitting next to you in a desk at school?   Don’t be shy, say hello, tell them your name and ask for theirs.  Chances are they are just as nervous, yet just as eager to make a new friend as well.



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