Month: June 2014

Oscar Wilde

I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.

A Few Daily Positive Memes to Brighten Your Day

  Here are a few memes to make you laugh and brighten your day!   Share them with friends and help spread the positivity!   [pinterest]      

Success is Determined By How You Handle Setbacks

  We all try, and at one point or another, we may fail.  People trip, fall, lose their way, become discouraged, or become delayed or hit a road block.   Life is full of setbacks… but how you handle your setbacks will determine how you move forward, and ultimately, how you succeed. Do you get discouraged and walk away?   Do you hit a roadblock and just stop or give up?  Or do you learn from your mistakes and try again.  Do you pick yourself up, dust yourself off, and look for a new path?  The plan of action you take after you fail will determine your success in the future. No matter what the setback, regroup, re-strategize, rethink your route.  Learn from what didn’t work and use it to find what does.  Don’t look at a failure as a failure, but an opportunity to make somethi...

ISO: Your Positive Attitude

  Sometimes people need to take a closer look into your life to understand or realize how amazing you truly are.  Let them ZOOM IN! We believe that your positive attitude can inspire and change the world.  We hope that you believe it to, because we need the help of unique, amazing and talented individuals such as yourself to help us drive our movement of positivity, to inspire the hearts and minds of those who may have given up, lost their way or don’t believe in themselves.  We need your help to show the world, in the most creative way possible, what the effects of having a positive attitude can have in their lives. Positive Attitude is a community driven by remarkable attitudes, inspirational stories and advice, heartwarming videos and images, and most importantly the life exp...

Finding My Voice: By Janine Ripper

I’ve battled anxiety throughout the last 30 years. People have often interpreted my social anxiety as rudeness. As I struggled for words or ran for the toilets to get away from people I was in the grasp of a panic attack, wishing I could just bury myself in the ground. At my worst, I bordered on agoraphobia, struggling to drag myself out of the house to get a loaf of bread to feed myself. Not that that bothered me, as I hated myself so much, wavering from starving myself through to over exercising and binge drinking. I did not treat myself with any kindness. In 2010 I found myself lost and struggling to get through every day. I had left a job as an awarded project manager. I was burnt out and in the grips of depression, and had landed in new job where others and myself were subjected to wo...

Janine Ripper

  Janine is a writer, blogger, mentor and life coach.  She is also an anxiety sufferer and depression survivor and thriver. She is also a big introvert at heart. Janine has spent a majority of her life in the corporate world as a manager and management consultant – mostly in the project management space. She rocked the project management world, won awards, and inspired people to take up a career in project management but it nearly destroyed her – both physically and mentally. Janine has crashed and burned more than she would like to admit, succumbing to anxiety and depression and other bodily symptoms such as IBS, fatigue, eczema, weight gain, weight loss, and so forth. Janine has changed her life, and its been an amazing journey! She’s seized life and is now chasing her dreams,...

You can be “RICH” in more than just “Money!”

When people think about being “rich” they usually think about money, but there are many things much more valuable than that to be rich in!   Check out our video and see what that is and then share the wealth with your friends and family! For more quick inspirational videos you can also follow us on vine & youtube! Vine YouTube

Positive Attitude Facebook Page Reaches over 20,000 Fans!

We’re pleased to announce that our Facebook fan page has reached over 20,000 Positive Attitudes! We couldn’t be more excited to have you all in our community and more proud of how hard our fans are working to help spread the power of positivity to their friends and loved ones.  Keep up the good work and we will too! For those of you interested in becoming a part of our Facebook Community, you can find us here:  Positive Attitude Facebook Page

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