Month: September 2015

A Loving Father Passes Off His Right to Walk His Daughter Down the Isle

The most heartwarming and wonderful moments a father will ever have is the day he walks his little girl down the isle.   This father gives up his right to this incredible moment in his life, to a man who gave his heart and soul into doing everything he could to do make sure that this day was in this little girl’s future.   Grab your tissues, you will need them.  

12 ways to make new friends

Everyone can use an extra friend.  A person to share life experiences with, to laugh and cry with, and to make a strong connection with that will last a life time.  You may have friends come and go in your life time, but what always remains the same is that great friends will make your life better. Looking to make a few new friends?  Here are some ways and places you can: Work:  Don’t be shy!  Attend a local happy hour with some coworkers, sit at a new table in the lunch room, or reach out to the person in the cubical next to you and say hi!  Having good friends at work will only make your work day more enjoyable.   Gym & Sports:  Join a gym or sign up for a co-ed sports league.  You’ll make new friends while sharing your love of fitness and sports!  Maybe even discover a n...

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