Month: January 2017

Top 10 Ideas for Organizing Your Life and Reducing Clutter in 2017

Organizing is a big part of getting your life together.  It can be discouraging and frustrating when clutter piles up, you keep losing or forgetting things because you don’t have it all together or you can’t concentrate due to the mess or disarray.   In order to really get your life together and moving forward you need to really start organizing your life, on many levels.  Not only will you find that it greatly improves productivity, you will find that it also leads to reduced stress, and an overall better, eager and happier state of mind. Here are our tips for getting organized: 1. Write things down. You have a busy life.  At times you’ll forget things as soon as you hear them so writing them down makes sure that you definitely wont forget or allow things to pile up. 2. Make lists. Even i...

From the Universe, With Love: How to move forward in life to ensure 2017 is your best and most brilliant year yet.

2016 has come and gone.   Take a minute to reflect upon the best moments you’ve had last year.  The loved ones who have touched your heart, the opportunities that have lifted you up, and the experiences that have changed your life. Let them fill your heart with joy and be grateful for them.  Lock those memories in your heart and carry them with you, forward into the new year.  Let the most moving and heart filled moments of last year become part of who you are and what you will strive to become.  Let them fill you with hope and joy and excitement that the future can only get better and the best is still left to come. Take a minute to think about the worst moments you’ve had last year… the mistakes you’ve made, the loved ones you’ve hurt or let down, the regrets you have and the failures yo...

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