Month: February 2017

11 Ways to Beat Depression Naturally

Depression is a natural part of life that doesn’t always need to be solved with a bottle, and in many cases it shouldn’t be.  We all get down from time to time and it’s completely natural and nothing to be ashamed of.  Everyone can use a little “pick me up” every now and then and it doesn’t need to come from an RX drug!  We’re going to share with you the best ways to fight depression and improve your mood on your own naturally! Here are the top 10 natural ways to beat depression:    1. GET SLEEP.  You need it.  You can’t be happy, energetic, or feel great if you are exhausted and running on empty.  You need sleep and lots of it!  If you are feeling down, make sure you get at least 8-10 hours a night!  Turn off your electronics, drink a hot cup of tea and snuggle into your nice warm bed for...

12 Times in Life It’s Ok to “Give Up”

There is a bad reputation that comes along with the phrase “giving up”.  All our lives we are taught never to give up, to keep trying, and to keep rising every single time we fall, but when is it ever ok to just throw in the towel?  Is it ok at all? In most cases, it’s not ok.  When you are fighting hard to achieve a goal or dream that you aren’t sure can be reached, or is just too difficult, it may feel like you have no other choice but to give up, but this is definitely not the time.  When there is something you want bad enough, I’ll be the first to say never give up, keep trying, learn from your mistakes, put the work in and you will find a way.  If you want something so bad it’s as much a part of you as your beating heart or the oxygen you breath, never give up on your dream or on what...

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