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BATKID Saves San Francisco! An entire city unites for one very special “Make-A-Wish”


An estimated 13,000 people gathered together in San Francisco with the Make-A-Wish Foundation to make a very special young man’s crime fighting dream come true!

5 year old Miles Scott, just finishing off his 3 year battle with a villain of his own, leukemia, which is now in remission, got to fulfill his biggest wish on Friday of being a superhero.  Thanks to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and hundreds of thousands of volunteers and supporters, Miles, better known as “Batkid” got to fight crime, battle the Riddler, and save the citizens of Gotham City.

It was a full day of crime fighting for Batkid, starting off with riding in a Lamborghini Batcar with his side kick, stuntman and life-sized Batman Eric Johnston who helped him along the way, to battling villains such as the Riddler and the Penguin.  From then he rescued a damsel in distress from oncoming cable cars, stopped the Riddler from robbing a bank, and then prevented a jewelry heist, all before lunch!  After refueling with a burger, Batkid and Batman went on to save the MLB Giant’s mascot from the Penguin, finally to arrive at City Hall.     Thousands of supporters joined to show their support for Miles, cheering him on along the way, and came to honor Batkid as the mayor awarded him the “Key to Gotham City.”

It was an unbelievable day where the citizens of San Francisco were inspired by the story of one little boy, and joined together to offer their support in the hopes that Miles Scott would take away from this confidence, hope, and a positive attitude that he after first fighting cancer, and then fighting crime in Gotham City, he would be able to tackle, and face with bravery, any obstacle life would throw at him.   Let us not only be inspired by Batkid’s story, but by the community of San Francisco who joined together with love and support, to make this wish a reality for Miles.


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