365 Day Positive Attitude Challenge

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 30

  Dehydration brings with it a host of problems, including increased irritability. If you’ve been feeling terrible all day and can’t figure out why, try drinking a glass of water. You might be surprised at how much better you feel. Not only that, drinking water helps your body tremendously. It flushes out toxins, it aids in weight loss, aids in digestion, helps endurance, helps your kidneys and can even help prevent headaches. Today’s challenge: We want you to hydrate, hydrate and hydrate. For the entire week we want you to drink no less than 8 glasses (8 oz each) of water per day for 7 days.

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 29 of 365

Studies have shown that living or working in a dirty, or cluttered environment can be extremely stressful, and very distracting. You can feel unhappy, depressed, lazy and claustrophobic in a room that is swallowing you in with clutter and mess! Additionally there’s something completely relaxing and “ZEN” about a clean environment. It allows you to unwind, clear your head, and concentrate. Having things clean and in order, and putaway, having the extra space to unwind and enjoy really makes a huge difference in your state of mind. You will feel more at ease, and even more productive and energetic in a room that is neat and tidy than one that is messy. For today’s challenge we encourage you to completely clean and declutter one room in your house. A bedroom or an offi...

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 28 of 365

  Bad habits can be hard to break.  Studies show it takes 30 days to really break a bad habit, but for today’s challenge, we are asking you to break one bad habit for just one day and see how it makes you feel! Anything you consider a bad habit – whether it’s smoking, eating junk food or drinking soda, being late, being cluttered – in every way that you can we want you to break this bad habit today, all day long! Let us know what your bad habit is in the comments below and how you are going to break free for the day!

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 27 of 365

  Today’s challenge is all about spending time with our furry friends. They need love too and studies have shown that not only do they promote exercise within their human counterparts, they are proven to improve your mood and reduce your stress! So today’s challenge – Spend some time with your pet, or a friend’s pet today! Go out for a walk, play fetch, cuddle and watch a movie, wrestle, groom them or give them a bath – make sure you set aside a few hours just for them! – if you don’t have your own, you can always volunteer at a shelter this week and work with their animals. Send us a photo! We’d love to see your furry friends!

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 26 of 365

Sometimes a little reminder can go a long way. When life gets tough we need to be reminded that we are courageous, we are good enough, we are strong and we can handle it! Tonight before you go to bed we want you to write down on a piece of paper whatever thought or idea will help you get through the day tomorrow. Make it positive and inspirational… “I will succeed” “I am beautiful” “I can accomplish my goals” “I am strong” — any phrase you can think of and place this phrase to your bathroom mirror. Tomorrow morning when you wake up – we want it to be the first thing you see. Carry it around the entire day to remind yourself how amazing you really are and look at it every time life gets you down. Let us know what phrase you c...

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 25 of 365

  No one is perfect. We are all human, and therefore we all make mistakes. No one wants to be hurt and most people try so hard to avoid ever being hurt that they shut the world out. Sometimes when people hurt us, we have a hard time letting go. Depending on the severity of the pain they have caused us, whether it was just a small inconvenience or a disappointing inconsideration to a heart breaking betrayal we may also have a hard time forgiving a person. The truth is you do yourself no good holding on to pain, resent or anger. The easiest way to be at peace with yourself is to simply forgive them. Most people in life deserve a second chance, and sometimes, at the risk of losing a friendship, holding grudges or resent toward a person does more damage then it does good. The longer you s...

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 24 of 365

  Today’s challenge is about procrastination. It’s very easy to put things off, get lazy and make promises that you’ll make up for lost time tomorrow… but then the work piles up, you get stressed out and in an even bigger despair for wasting time and not accomplishing your goals. So for today’s challenge we want you to make a list of everything you put off doing today. Pick the top 4 items on that list and accomplish one per day until Sunday, starting with 1 this evening. Getting things done helps relieve stress, it makes you feel more accomplished and it frees up time for you to relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 23 of 365

  When you’re feeling upset, working out is the last thing you want to do. But just five minutes of exercise triggers the release of endorphins, a hormone which can boost your mood for up to 12 hours. You don’t even have to hit the gym – you can run, do some sit-ups or try the 30 Day Burpee Challenge right at home by clicking here: http://yourpositiveattitude.com/30-day-burpee-challenge-for…

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 22 of 365

    Sounds Ironic, but today’s challenge we want you to stay off social media! Social media tends to make us unhappy in our own lives when we compare them to the lives of others. Not only that, it tends to weaken our friendships and relationships. Sometimes we tend to be so engrossed in posting and checking up on others we don’t pay attention or even interact with the people in our lives. Let today be quality over quantity and turn off the computers, cell phones and tablets. Spend some real one on one FaceTime with the people in your life!

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 21 of 365

  Today’s challenge is one that may be difficult for some, and possibly more difficult, especially if your favorite show is on, or if you have children at home who spend hours in front of it- but for tonight, all night, we are asking you to turn off your TV. It’s easy to simply sit down in front of your TV and get sucked into hours of endless shows and entertainment – and there is nothing wrong with that, in moderation. Watching too much TV can cause many issues such as: 1. Family members to become lazy, and inactive. 2. You may stay up way past your bedtime because you are being entertained into the late hours of the morning. 3. It takes away from important quality time that could be spent with your family such as talking to your spouse or children, bonding with the...

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 20 of 365

  A study from the International Journal of Stress Management proved that anxiety and depression decrease nearly a quarter after taking a bath with food-grade Epsom salts. If you don’t have Epsom salts, you can try other bath salts, or even bubbles – lavender has been known to help with relaxation. You could also take a hot shower if you’re looking for a more invigorating pick-me-up. So relax, light a candle, and let your worries float away in the bath water!  

Positive Attitude Challenge: Day 19 of 365

  Dark chocolate helps your brain release endorphins and serotonin, an anti-depressant, reduces cortisol levels, and contains chemicals that affect the brain in a relaxing way. Plus, the abundance of antioxidants and other minerals help make it a guilt-free treat. Today’s challenge – Try some Dark Chocolate and enjoy your Valentine’s Day!

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