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10 Ways Owning a Dog will Improve Your Mental Health

I have always been an animal lover.   Horses, dogs, cats, bird, fish… you name it, I’ve owned it, most recently rescuing two labrador mutts from the shelter.   While some people were born letting animals into their lives, not everyone is drawn to the idea of pet ownership.  It can be a huge responsibility, a huge expense, a huge mess, (dog owners have stock in lint brushes) and when you are traveling, can be a huge inconvenience.  But despite all the reasons why owning a dog may not be for you, there are many health benefits that make it very worthwhile. 1.  Your dogs will get you outside.   While outside you get your daily dose of Vitamin D.   Vitamin D is essential and it comes from spending time in the fresh air.  Vitamin D helps fight depression, cancer, obesity, and other ...

PA Fan Inspiration: Defying Destiny with a Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude loves to learn about our fans, and how having a positive attitude has impacted and improved their lives.   Their journeys inspire, motivate and spread the power of positivity to others, helping them overcome their own challenges and face all obstacles.  Today we would like to share with you a courageous  journey of a brave young woman determined to defy the odds, and control her own destiny.   Rachel Baron, the beloved cousin of Positive Attitude founder, David Nachman, armed with the love and support of her friends and family, and the memory of her mother’s strength, will, and unbelievable positive attitude, in the form of a letter to her loved ones, has been brave enough to share her story with us.  We are very honored to now have the opportunity to share her stor...

The Mind – Body Connection: Positive Healing

Recent studies show that severe prolonged stress and chronic negative thinking can compromise the immune system. By the same token, studies have also revealed that individuals with a positive attitude toward life tend to become sick less often than those with a negative attitude. It is also believed that a healthy upbeat attitude can in itself mobilize and stimulate the body’s defenders. For example, in a study of women with breast cancer. Dr. Sandra Levy at the University of Pittsburgh’s Cancer Institute found that women who were more depressed had lower natural killer cell activity than those with a hopeful, positive outlook. It was also noted that the women who had experienced a great deal of joy and happiness in their lives also had a higher survival rate. Even though this concept may ...

Dr Oz’s Video Segmemts on How to Become More Positive

Amazing 3 part video segment that shows a woman’s live transformation from negative to positive thoughts!   Amazing!   Must watch! Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  

Having a Positive Attitude Can Add Years to Your Life

One study says that having a positive attitude can add years to your life. Up to 8 years in fact… This particular study ran by an American University looked at positive attitude and it’s relationship specifically to aging, and the patience’s attitude about aging in general. What they found is that optimists have a much longer future in store for them. Having a positive attitude was seen to have a large impact on lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, which alone can increase your life by four years. The study also showed that people with more positive thoughts about aging actually lived longer. In other words, those individuals who had a positive attitude toward aging, long before they began aging, benefitted the most. “It is important to participate in enjoyable activi...

Pregnant and Fighting Cancer: Staying Positive

Jennifer Brady of Overland Park, KS believes that the battle against cancer is only 10% medical and 90% attitude.   It was September 2011 when her lung collapsed that she learned she had cancer. She underwent radiation on her lungs and brain.   She finished up with treatments in March 2012 and had been cancer free for a year. After beating lung cancer, her doctors told her she was healthy enough to start a family and within weeks, she became pregnant.  Unfortunately, soon after, Jennifer had discovered a lump on her back that had turned out to be a high-grade neuro-endiocrine cancer which was attacking her liver and back.   Her biggest fear in starting cancer treatment again?  The affects it would have on her unborn baby of 22 weeks.  Jennifer opted to wait until the start of the third tri...

How to Meditate! One Minute Video Tutorial

Natalie Macniel from the YouTube Vlog, “She Takes on The World” is demonstrating a very beneficial meditation technique she learned in China!  She believes “Learning how to meditate can lead to many powerful shifts in your life. A daily meditation practice may help you release stress and tension, prevent diseases, reduce anxiety, stay focused and productive, and more. ” So if you’ve ever wondered “how” to meditate, here’s your chance to learn!

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