Dolby Presents: Silent, a Short Film

This beautiful animated film was designed to showcase Dolby’s partnership with the picture and sound industries over many decades.

Some Positive Thoughts to Brighten Your Day

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Oscar Wilde

I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.

A Few Daily Positive Memes to Brighten Your Day

  Here are a few memes to make you laugh and brighten your day!   Share them with friends and help spread the positivity!   [pinterest]      

Finding My Voice: By Janine Ripper

I’ve battled anxiety throughout the last 30 years. People have often interpreted my social anxiety as rudeness. As I struggled for words or ran for the toilets to get away from people I was in the grasp of a panic attack, wishing I could just bury myself in the ground. At my worst, I bordered on agoraphobia, struggling to drag myself out of the house to get a loaf of bread to feed myself. Not that that bothered me, as I hated myself so much, wavering from starving myself through to over exercising and binge drinking. I did not treat myself with any kindness. In 2010 I found myself lost and struggling to get through every day. I had left a job as an awarded project manager. I was burnt out and in the grips of depression, and had landed in new job where others and myself were subjected to wo...

You can be “RICH” in more than just “Money!”

When people think about being “rich” they usually think about money, but there are many things much more valuable than that to be rich in!   Check out our video and see what that is and then share the wealth with your friends and family! For more quick inspirational videos you can also follow us on vine & youtube! Vine YouTube

Positive Attitude Facebook Page Reaches over 20,000 Fans!

We’re pleased to announce that our Facebook fan page has reached over 20,000 Positive Attitudes! We couldn’t be more excited to have you all in our community and more proud of how hard our fans are working to help spread the power of positivity to their friends and loved ones.  Keep up the good work and we will too! For those of you interested in becoming a part of our Facebook Community, you can find us here:  Positive Attitude Facebook Page

Lion, Tiger, Bear, Oh My! – A set of most unlikely friends

  It’s not unusual for nature to surprise us, and in this case, we have a story that couldn’t go against the odds more.   Lions, tigers, and bears are all pretty fierce predators in the wild.   Tigers and bears are not typically “herd” animals that run with “friends” of their own species…   While lions do travel in prides, its only ever with other lions. A lion, tiger and bear cub were rescued years ago from drug dealers that abused them.  They needed special care and even surgery to get well and were all brought to an animal sanctuary for recovery.  Cubs tend to not have the fierce instincts of their adult counterparts and all 3 cubs were placed together in the same pen.  They became fast friends… completely inseparable. As they grew older, handler...

30 Seconds to: Good Fortune – Cookie #1

Positive Attitude’s latest installment in our “30 Seconds To” campaign where we hope to inspire, motivate or create positive feelings in 30 seconds or less! Hurry up and click play to open your fortune and start your day (in a positive way)!

5 Random Acts of Kindness to Warm Your Heart

Proving that kindness is not dead, and we still live in a wonderful world where people care deeply, this young man goes out of his way every evening after work to distribute uneaten bagels to hungry people on the streets. This sweet young man won a scavenger hunt that took him all summer to complete… He donated his entire cash prize for winning to his neighbor who was battling Leukemia.  He asked his mother, “How much chemo would $1000 buy?”   – and completely melted our hearts. This wonderful man did a very kind act for his neighbor by covering the open window of their car that was left open in the rain with a plastic bag, so it wouldn’t get wet.  Ten minutes he went out of his way to take care of his neighbor, must have meant the world to the car owner, who ...

Less than 30 Seconds to a Positive Attitude!

We’ve learned that you can do a lot in 30 seconds – you can make a person smile or laugh, be kind to a stranger, or inspire a friend – so in 30 seconds or less we are planning to do JUST that!  Positive Attitude is launching our new video series called “In 30 Seconds” which will feature videos  with the themes of 30 Seconds to Inspiration, Motivation, Laughter and Happiness – where you’ll find short video clips between 6-30 seconds long with fun visuals to hold a lasting impression.  These videos are designed to help instantly motivate or inspire you, to brighten up your day and to make you laugh or smile.  Share these videos across social media to bring a smile to your face, help inspire yourself, to make a friend laugh, to feel better – or ...

An Update from our Bravest Fan

A few months ago a woman named Rachel was brave enough to share her story with us about how she changed her fate!   It was both moving and inspiring and touched the hearts of all of our fans.  We’re very pleased now to give you the happy ending to her journey and wish her all the love and support we can: [divider] Family & Friends, I want to share GREAT NEWS with you: This past Tuesday, May 6, I finally finished what I would call a LONG year of dealing with a hereditary gene mutation known as BRCA 1 which increased my chances of  getting breast cancer to 87% and ovarian cancer to 54-60%.  With completing the surgeries I have reduced my risk of related cancers to less than 5%. This last operation, the “exchange,” replaced the temporary breast implants called expanders that were in...

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