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Copycat or Flatterer? It’s All in Your Point of View.

Copycat or Flatterer? It’s All in Your Point of View.

It’s every girl’s worst nightmare.  You spent hours shopping and you finally found the perfect dress, only to discover that your best friend also found the perfect dress, and the dress is the same as yours.  It’s a total tragedy.  Or is it?  It all depends on the way you look at it:

On the one hand, that is YOUR dress.  Your friend has TAKEN your dress away from you.  It is no longer special.  You are no longer the only one wearing it.  Your dress is common.  Your night is ruined.  No one will remember how beautiful you looked.  They will only remember how you looked compared to your friend.  It’s the worst case of “Who Wore It Better” EVER!

On the other hand, you both look gorgeous.  It proves that you have great taste because you aren’t the only one wearing that dress.  Your dress is now popular.  You’re MORE memorable now because you are dressed the same as your friend.  #TWINNING!

Whether it’s a dress, a car, an event, or an idea, how you choose to perceive someone copying you is up to you. You can stew over it, obsess, and foster anger and resentment. Or you can choose to see the imitation as flattery and move on being your wonderful trend-setting self!

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