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David Nekava – Positive Attitude Fitness Trainer & Coach

David Nekava – Positive Attitude Fitness Trainer & Coach

About David Nekava:
NASM Certified Fitness Professional & CES
TLS Weight Loss Solutions Coach

David’s passion for cultivating healthy bodies & minds began when he launched his career as a fitness trainer at the Equinox Fitness clubs in Great Neck, NY in 2006.

Hundreds of clients & several years of experience have helped him refine his skills in the areas of fat loss, nutrition, injury prevention, pain reduction, disease prevention, & cardiovascular health.

As of late, David is most excited about sharing his knowledge to improve the lives of thousands of individuals on a national & global scale. In particular, virtual weight & fat loss coaching as well as implementing science-based & revenue-generating wellness solutions in healthcare facilities are his primary objectives.

We, at Positive Attitude, are excited to welcome David to our team not only as a brand ambassador as a health and fitness professional here to help guide our fans on the right path of leading positive physical lifestyle, as well as mental one.


In his own words…

“America’s food & healthcare industries are in crisis-mode. Obesity is rampant & the world needs more education & improvement in these areas.”

“A positive mind yields a healthy body, which yields a positive mind!”



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