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Everyone’s Favorite Legal Drug Addiction

Everyone’s Favorite Legal Drug Addiction

With an average of 600 million cups of coffee consumed in the USA daily, by over 83% of Americans, caffeine is the world’s most wildly used legal psychoactive drug, and we aren’t even including the chocolate, soda and energy drink consumers.  An estimated 80% of Americans, men, women and children consume caffeine daily.    Caffeine increases alertness and energy by blocking a sleep-inducing chemical called adenosine and can cause many issues as well as have many benefits, especially when it’s typically consumed with a fair amount of sugar.  It can help with weight loss, and cause increased energy levels, but at the same time contribute to weight gain, poor concentration or insomnia.  Caffeine, addictive in nature, can have you crazing both coffee and sugary drinks to not only fuel your day, but keep you from getting a good night’s sleep that will cause you to consume more caffeine to get through your day!

Benefits:  Increase long and short term memory.   Protect against cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s.   Enhance your athletic performance.  Enhance your cognitive performance and alertness.


Things you may not know about caffeine: 


Caffeine works quickly, as quick as 15 minutes.

There is more caffeine in coffee than in expresso.

Caffeine is found in many foods besides just coffee, energy drinks and soda, like chocolate.

Caffeine can cause insomnia and restlessness.

Caffeine can decrease fertility.

Caffeine can raise your blood pressure.

Caffeine can cause woman to suffer from incontinence.

Caffeine can cause headaches and increase the likelihood of gout flare-ups.

People who drink more than 4 8oz cups of coffee a day had an increase in mortality.

Caffeine withdrawal can negatively affect your mood, so keep consumption to a minimum, and do not rely on it as a daily source of energy.  Keep your caffeine intake to a moderate level and avoid consuming it later in the evening to make sure you get the benefits without the side effects.  The USDA recommends adults consume no more than 400 mg of caffeine each day, and children should not consume more than 100 mg.

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