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4 Impeding Words Successful People Never Use on the Road to Success

4 Impeding Words Successful People Never Use on the Road to Success

We are what we think, and also, sometimes what we say.  Our words can be very powerful motivators and can also have a substantial impact on us consciously and subconsciously.   Sometimes through expressing the negative, we become negative.  We actually train our body to think in a negative manner through repeated use of negative words and phrases.


There are other words that are not necessarily negative, but can subconsciously impede progress, actions and productivity.  These hidden words are words that impact you actually putting plans in motion and taking action on a dream, goal or belief.


To avoid this from happening, you need to simply avoid the use of these words and phrases.


1. “I’m confused.”   


Now don’t get me wrong, it’s ok to let someone know you are confused, and that you may not be following what is going on or the situation at hand, but using this exact phrase is secretly confidence crushing.  When you say it out loud in a group of peers, you may worry that the others are judging you for not understanding to being able to keep up and it immediate becomes an admittance of discouragement.   It’s definitely ok to “be confused” and everyone will be from time to time, but instead of stating it out loud, simply be direct.  Ask questions.  Research answers.   Review the situation and the materials you’ve been given.  Get extra help.  Be proactive and determined to figure it out and understand, instead of proclaiming defeat.


2.  “Usually.”  


“I usually do it this way.”


“We usually work like this.”


Usually is a status quo-type of word that accepts things the way they are.    Not only does it exhibit a sort of laziness, to get out of any extra exertion, or unwillingness to try new things, it  closes doors to finding newer, better, more resourceful methods of doing things.  Stay open to new ideas, and stop using this world.  They may just work better than the way you’ve “usually” always done things!


3.  “I need to.”  


There are a lot of things in life you may need to do.  So just bite the bullet and do them!  By using the phrase “I need to”, you often create a stall tactic.  Your mind may put it on your mental “to-do” list but it gets shelved way in the back.  The thing you feel you need to do may prevent you from getting the thing you really want to do done.  This is because you may not attempt what you really want until you have done what you feel like you need to do, which may not even be necessary to achieve your goal.   I want to write a book, but I need to take writing courses.  You continue to put off those writing courses so you never attempt to write a book, but writing courses, while helpful, are not a requirement or a prerequisite to writing a book.  It just delays you from getting started on what you really want to do.   Don’t let your needs stop you, and only use the phrase “I need to” if you assign a deadline that day to accomplish your task.


4. “I Might.”  


“I might come to the party.”


“I might take a course on painting.”


“I might go to the store today.”


Might is an ambivalent word that shows a lack of intuition or direction.   It relays a sense of expression through your response that you don’t care either way, resulting in laziness and tasks left undone.   It can also come across as a little rude or insulting to another person based on how you use it, if they think that you are disinterested in what they are asking.  There are long lists in our heads of the things we might do in our lives, but most of  them never get done.  If you don’t care enough about something to give it a definite yes or no before a set period of time, then just take it off your list and move on.   When you leave something up to “might” you leave it suspended in space and time indefinitely.  Productive successful people don’t talk about the things they might do, they do the things they have already said they would do.

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