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Having a Positive Attitude Can Add Years to Your Life

Having a Positive Attitude Can Add Years to Your Life

One study says that having a positive attitude can add years to your life. Up to 8 years in fact… This particular study ran by an American University looked at positive attitude and it’s relationship specifically to aging, and the patience’s attitude about aging in general. What they found is that optimists have a much longer future in store for them.

Having a positive attitude was seen to have a large impact on lowering blood pressure and cholesterol, which alone can increase your life by four years. The study also showed that people with more positive thoughts about aging actually lived longer. In other words, those individuals who had a positive attitude toward aging, long before they began aging, benefitted the most. “It is important to participate in enjoyable activities and find meaningful pursuits throughout life,” adds Dr. Conn. “A positive attitude in life includes: a positive attitude about oneself —- believing in oneself — and a positive attitude about the world in general and the people around you; being able to appreciate the little things in life; and having a positive approach to the future, expecting that things will turn out ok.”

How do you improve your lifespan and positive attitude toward aging? You have to start immediately. Make the lifestyle changes that will keep your body healthy mentally and physically, with goals, interests and activities that will keep you active and positive. Develop a sense of purpose by getting involved in groups and volunteer work that entertain and inspire you. Expand your social network and nurture and build strong and active relationships with others. Also, take care of your body by exercising and eating well. Nutrition and exercise can greatly affect your mood, your well being and ultimately your attitude.

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