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How Contagious is Your Attitude?

How Contagious is Your Attitude?

Simply put, whether you realize it or not, your positive attitude is very contagious.  Even more so than the common cold.  It can be caught spontaneously – simply by infecting yourself with optimism and making the conscious decision to look at the bright side of things.   And it can be very easily transferred to others by example and through positive actions, words, thoughts, acts of kindness, and encouragement.  But be careful, negativity can be spread just as easily.  Motivational speakers make a living through spreading their positive energy to groups of people all at once, while bullies are people who purposely attempt to spread their own negative and poor attitudes to others to make them feel bad.

You can catch bad attitudes from others:

Have you ever been in a great mood while you are around a person who is constantly complaining? The first thing you try to do is cheer them up. You tell them the world is not so bad and give them kind words or solutions to their problems. Yet they still seem to find the negative in everything, despite your encouragement. After a while it almost becomes frustrating when people cannot get out of their own way and look on the bright side of things. You almost get irritable and down. You may find that you start to tend to avoid this person because of the adverse effects their negative attitude has on you. Debbie downers can be hindering not only to themselves but to the people around them. Best advice is to always attempt to spread your positive attitude with others and see if you can’t spread your positivity to them. Sometimes this doesn’t always work, so the way to avoid catching a negative attitude is to stay away from people who hold onto them and surround yourself with people who have remarkably uplifting mindsets.

Best way to spread your Positive Attitude:

Positive attitudes can be effectively caught by others in various ways… Through your kind words or actions. Through an act of charity or a friendly smile. Through encouragement or support. Even through artwork, music or a performance. Any way that you can think of that will bring a smile, joy or comfort to another person will do. Refusing to talk about negative things in your life can also help from projecting negative energy that may bring others down. There’s always a bright side in every situation.

The more you give, the more you get:

The best part of a positive attitude is the more you spread it around, the more it comes back to you. Not only does talking and doing positive things improve your own mood and mindset, improving the attitudes and lives of others is extremely rewarding and will boost your happiness and positivity as well! You want to become rich with a positive attitude? Spread or give it to as many people as possible!

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