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10 Ways to Break Your Negative Cycle

10 Ways to Break Your Negative Cycle

We’ve all gotten out of the wrong side of the bed. You’ve slept terribly, spilled your coffee on the work you were up for hours finishing, got a speeding ticket on your way to the office. No matter what you do, things just keep getting worse.

It doesn’t have to be this way. Here are some ways you can turn things around.

  1. Listen to beautiful music. Don’t turn on the radio and suffer through commercials. Listen to something soothing and uplifting. Piano music, a beautiful classical piece, strings. Don’t look for beauty in the same 10 songs that play on Pandora over and over.
  1. Exercise. Take 10 minutes and walk around the block. Run on a treadmill. Whatever your preferred cardio exercise is, go release some endorphins. You’ll feel better about your day having done something good for your health.
  1. Meditate. Quiet your mind until you let go of all negative thoughts. Focus on good things and how you are grateful for them. Let your mind wander until you forget about all the bad things that happened today.
  1. Call a friend you haven’t spoken to for a while. Don’t text, email, Facebook message, snapchat, tweet or insta them. CALL THEM. Sometimes there is no better medicine than laughing with an old friend. LOL is just not the same.
  1. Retail therapy. It’s a quick fix, but sometimes a small purchase can brighten a gloomy day. Make it something small and just for you like a new shirt. If you are trying to curb your spending or cut down on clutter, buy a present for your mom. Chances are either her birthday, Mother’s Day, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, or her anniversary are coming up.
  1. Read a book. Indulge yourself in 20 minutes of you time. Read a real book. Not a magazine or a huffpost article. A real book requires sustained investment in the story and allows you to lose yourself in the characters. You’ll feel accomplished and force your attention away from your problems.
  1. Cook a meal. If you enjoy cooking, cook yourself a delicious meal. It’s a great outlet for creativity, rewards you body and soul with a sensory feast for taste, sight, and smell. The same can be said for other creative hobbies. Color in an adult coloring book, knit, write in a journal. Express yourself with creativity and you will release the pent up frustrations of your day.
  1. Cross a few items off your to-do list. The hardest thing about having a bad day is the feeling of losing control. Take back that control by completing some tasks that are weighing on you. If your to-do list is a mile long, eat that frog and do the worst things. If your day is that bad, you’ve just made tomorrow that much better by not having as much to do.
  1. Have sex. For the same reason exercise can be beneficial, so can sex!  Not only does it release endorphins, its physical activity that gets your heart rate up and your blood moving, as well as relieves stress.
  1. Sleep: When all else fails, sleep is the best way to hit the reset button. Even a 10-minute power nap can make all the difference in turning a bad day into a good one.

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