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Is Your Negative Attitude Electing Donald Trump for President?

Is Your Negative Attitude Electing Donald Trump for President?

From the moment Donald Trump descended the escalator in Trump Tower and declared his candidacy for the presidency he has caused polarizing reactions. Some are convinced he’s the anti-establishment candidate primed to shake up Washington; others that he’s unqualified, a misogynist, and a racist. Much has been written of his positive appeal and his inexplicable polling wins, but the truth is that he is drawing as much power and attention from the negative energy (and negative publicity) surrounding him as from the positive energy.


The energy you put into your thoughts is equally as powerful if it is positive or negative, and you know that old saying “No Publicity is BAD Publicity?”   Trump, for some people is an a sign of radical change and hope.  That he is the candidate most likely to make a move for bold ideas and programs that will help to improve our country.  Others feel like he’s the candidate they just love to hate.  That train wreck that you just cannot take your eyes off of.  While you don’t want him to win, and he’s not getting your vote, you find yourself following his Twitter account just to see what he’ll say next.  Then when he says something, good, bad or ugly, you are sharing it, retweeting it, commenting on it and bringing it to the attention of all of your peers, some of whom will be on board with you, but others of which will like the fact that the Primaries have become as entertaining and dramatic as an episode of Keeping up with the Kardashians.    Not to mention Primary Debate viewership is at an all time high.  We just keep tuning in until that season finale.

This is the concept that applies to Trump’s success. The people speaking out against him, the media coverage, even his own party’s dismissal of him are all contributing to the wave of negative energy that is buoying his wins.  For all of the positive messages about him, the negative messages are much more fun to share and to read. Who wants to talk about his economic policy when there’s a meme comparing his face to a tub of margarine? Such mean-spirited posts give attention and popularity to Trump himself and draw attention away from his message and the other candidates.

Its like Pavlov’s dogs, we are feeding into a conditioned response.  The more viral publicity, press and headlines we give a candidate for their over the top, yet ridiculously entertaining behavior, the more inclined they are to repeat it.  It doesn’t go away, until you stop reacting to it.  For this very reason, his demeanor and his statements have been designed to outrage and cause controversy. The constant publicity is drawing more people in to join the fun. People watch him like they watched the OJ trial in the mid-nineties. They are captivated by what outrageous things he may say or do.  It’s the election of the century and everyone is watching.  The worst part is that unlike the trial, which kept fans glued to their TV for an hour or two a day, news travels on a much faster “social” medium.  It travels at the speed of light that TV can’t even keep up with pace – especially on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.  Not only does it travel faster, your message is ten times as loud.  If someone retweets, shares or comments, it becomes 100 times as loud because it is now shared with their friends who share it.  The publicity and the exponential powers it receives on social media is unparalleled and Donald Trump has successfully tripled the attention on himself by using both negative and positive energy.   Voters are turning out and running in like never before. The number of people at the polls for a primary race is unprecedented.

It’s a good thing for Trump that ‘there’s no such thing as bad press.’ With just as many supporters feeding his success as detractors, Trump has defied expectations. The other candidates are stymied. Trump gets an hour interview on Fox News with softball questions as the media feeds this publicity machine. Meanwhile the other candidates fight to get a sound bite.  It’s all about the ratings, and Trump has simply learned, through is his life as a reality TV star, both good and bad, how to sell himself through the media and social platforms, and he has done so more than any other Presidential Candidate.

So this being said, think about how you are voting and supporting your favorite candidate, whether it is Trump, Hillary, Bernie or any of the other hopefuls.  Think about the message you are sending out about them and your social activity.   Are you spending more time bashing the candidates you hate, virally and inadvertently spreading awareness and publicity for them across your peers, or are you focused on spreading the right and positive message of the candidate you would like to win this election.   Are you supporting their beliefs and educating others on what they stand for?  Or are you having a Facebook or Twitter war about or with your least favorite candidate?   Strong positive messages and voices are what really needs to shine through in this election, and we need to think about how the negative actions are bringing forth a candidate you may just not want to office.   Keep it strong, and positive and support and share your voice with the best and most effective method possible.   Be an advocate of change and a positive future of our country, and don’t boost the social buzz or popularity of unworthy candidates.  Campaign Positive and Vote Positive from here on out!    #campaignpositive #votepositive


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