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ISO: Your Positive Attitude

ISO: Your Positive Attitude


Sometimes people need to take a closer look into your life to understand or realize how amazing you truly are.  Let them ZOOM IN!

We believe that your positive attitude can inspire and change the world.  We hope that you believe it to, because we need the help of unique, amazing and talented individuals such as yourself to help us drive our movement of positivity, to inspire the hearts and minds of those who may have given up, lost their way or don’t believe in themselves.  We need your help to show the world, in the most creative way possible, what the effects of having a positive attitude can have in their lives.

Positive Attitude is a community driven by remarkable attitudes, inspirational stories and advice, heartwarming videos and images, and most importantly the life experiences of fans like you!  Inside every one of us lies an amazing journey and life experience where having positive attitude allowed you to overcome adversity, improve your quality of life and the lives of others, make the impossible possible, and achieve your wildest dreams… and we’d love to hear all about it!  

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We are asking our fans for the opportunity to let us take a closer look into their lives, a chance to “zoom in” and hear their story, to both inspire and connect with fans who are going through, or may have already gone through the same experiences and struggles, or may be chasing the same dreams.  By opening up and sharing your story, your positive attitude can both give and help people find the strength within themselves to never give up and to always see the bright side in any situation.

Your story, video, photos, artwork, singing, dancing and other inspirations will be featured on our website and shared with not only our community, but the rest of the world!  Don’t like to write?  Submit a video about how having a positive attitude has changed, improved or inspired your life.   Don’t have a good story?   Take a photo, make a short film or video, choreograph and record a dance, write a poem, compose/record an original song by singing or playing an instrument, cook a meal,  or draw/paint a work of art reflecting positive thinking, positive attitudes, and positive lifestyles to help lift the spirits of others and we will share it with the world!   Show off your positive attitude for the world to see and let your positive attitude inspire others.

Help make the world a better place and join our community by sharing your story!  Let our community be inspired and motivated by you after having the opportunity to “zoom in”, in any creative way possible, to take a closer look into your life, and learn how your positive attitude has made you the remarkable and unstoppable human being you are today.

For more information about submitting a story, video, image, song/dance/music, poem, work of art to Positive Attitude please contact

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Positive Attitude is a community dedicated to sharing stories and spreading positivity around the world to help inspire, motivate and push people to try their best and always see the best in all situations, no matter how difficult life may be.

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