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Knowing When to be an Optimist and a Realist in Life and Business

Knowing When to be an Optimist and a Realist in Life and Business

Always  have a positive attitude.  This we will tell you time and time again.   Forbes Magazine states that Entrepreneurs tend to lead toward one of the two mindsets.   On the plus side, optimism will drive hope, belief and allow you to remain strong no matter what the outcome.  Realism will allow you to know your limits, keep your feet on the ground, make more practical and less emotionally driven decisions.  On the other hand, can optimism bring you up too high that you don’t know when you’ve made mistake, or need to rethink the situation, or does realism stop you from pushing forward in the face of failure in fear or calculation that the impossible may just be impossible?  There’s definitely a place for both in life and business, and I think that a careful mix of the two is the best combination for happiness and success.

Here’s our advice for finding a balance between the two:

Be careful an overly positive and eager disposition doesn’t allow you to overestimate your abilities.  Make the calculations, out weigh the risks and at the same time always hope for the best and stay focused, regardless of the outcome.

Don’t always be too careful, and carefully calculated.  Sometimes it’s the risk takers and the dreamers and those who dare to go where no man has gone before that are making the most miraculous advances in their careers and their lives.

When creating budgets for yourself – be practical, but not stingy.  Open-minded, but not reckless.  Find a happy medium where your finances make sense, but you still get an opportunity to enjoy yourself or take/invest in a well needed risk.

When marketing or product testing – be a realist.  Do your homework and calculate things properly.  Don’t let things slip out of your way or hope the public will be generous or overlook mistakes or issues.  Put your best foot forward and make sure you’ve gotten everything together.

When giving pep talks to your friend, be 80% optimist and 20% realist… Give them the good news.  Help them to see the bright side.  Show them the light at the end of the tunnel.  Point out the good in their own life.   When giving them advice, don’t send them off a cliff in ambition or hope- be honest and practical, keep their feet on the ground, but their mind focused on the prize.

When speaking to your employees – be 100% an optimist at first, and if all fails, become a realist.   Encourage your employees.  Boost up their moral, make them feel like they can achieve goals beyond their reach and give them greater incentives to do so.  Give them changes to make mistakes and second chances to learn from their mistakes.   If they continue to fall short of expectations there will then come a time where you must be a realist, and make a decision based on what’s best for you and the company.

Failure – Be a realistic optimist.  Learn from your mistakes and figure out how to prevent them.  Make a game plan and calculate the outcome.  Give yourself enough of an opportunity to stay positive and reach your goals, but be realistic if failure continues and it is just not possible.   Use your optimism to reroute your goals and dreams to achievements that are more realistic and practical and charge at them full force with the greatest of hope and dedication that you will succeed this time.

Success – Be an optimistic realist.  Celebrate your success, be proud of yourself and look forward to the future.   Embrace your achievements and all you have accomplished.  When looking forward, carefully know your limits and what this success means as to not overshoot your next victory or personal expectation.   Look forward, and upwards, with your feet on the ground running.

Family – Be an optimist.  Love your family.  Expect and hope for the best that life has to offer.  Be there to pick them up when they fall, to cheer them on when they need it and to help them realize that they are capable of more than they’ll ever know.  There may be a time where a realistic approach may be needed to help an individual, or a relationship, or a problem – but always keep a positive mindset and an open heart to friends and family.

Every situation in life will go back and forth from needing hope and positivity, to understanding and accepting the facts and simple limitations of the situation.  Do your best to balance passion and logic in your every day life and you’ll find a wonderful balance of optimism and realism that will help keep you focused and moving forward in life.

Who do you think you tend to be?  Which do you think applies to more situations?  An optimist? A realist? OR a realistic optimist or an optimistic realist?  :-)   Let us know in the comments below

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