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Less than 30 Seconds to a Positive Attitude!

Less than 30 Seconds to a Positive Attitude!

We’ve learned that you can do a lot in 30 seconds – you can make a person smile or laugh, be kind to a stranger, or inspire a friend – so in 30 seconds or less we are planning to do JUST that!  Positive Attitude is launching our new video series called “In 30 Seconds” which will feature videos  with the themes of 30 Seconds to Inspiration, Motivation, Laughter and Happiness – where you’ll find short video clips between 6-30 seconds long with fun visuals to hold a lasting impression.  These videos are designed to help instantly motivate or inspire you, to brighten up your day and to make you laugh or smile.  Share these videos across social media to bring a smile to your face, help inspire yourself, to make a friend laugh, to feel better – or simply to remind everyone that things are not that bad and they should always have a positive attitude!     We also encourage you to create your own videos and post them to our Vine, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook with the following hashtags:








We want to see what you can do in 30 seconds or less to help spread positivity and good feelings across the world!

Here’s our first video – #30SecondsToInspire

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