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Lion, Tiger, Bear, Oh My! – A set of most unlikely friends

Lion, Tiger, Bear, Oh My! – A set of most unlikely friends


tiger bear lion unlikely friends

It’s not unusual for nature to surprise us, and in this case, we have a story that couldn’t go against the odds more.   Lions, tigers, and bears are all pretty fierce predators in the wild.   Tigers and bears are not typically “herd” animals that run with “friends” of their own species…   While lions do travel in prides, its only ever with other lions.

unlikely animal friends

A lion, tiger and bear cub were rescued years ago from drug dealers that abused them.  They needed special care and even surgery to get well and were all brought to an animal sanctuary for recovery.  Cubs tend to not have the fierce instincts of their adult counterparts and all 3 cubs were placed together in the same pen.  They became fast friends… completely inseparable.

As they grew older, handlers feared that they would begin fighting and become aggressive toward one another… but to their surprise, they grew up to have nothing but love for their adult “foster siblings”.   It’s been over 13+ years and the bear, lion and tiger couldn’t be better friends.


Defying all odds, they looked past each other’s differences, language/communication barriers, backgrounds, and breeding and came together to form a strong bond, when they needed each other most – and as it appears, this bond will last a lifetime.   If they can disregard all differences, why can’t we do the same?   Help share this incredible story of unlikely friendship to help inspire others to look past race or religion, background or status, and befriend your fellow human beings using a language that everyone understands… love.


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