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12 Times in Life It’s Ok to “Give Up”

There is a bad reputation that comes along with the phrase “giving up”.  All our lives we are taught never to give up, to keep trying, and to keep rising every single time we fall, but when is it ever ok to just throw in the towel?  Is it ok at all? In most cases, it’s not ok.  When you are fighting...Read More

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Positive Attitude Founder Takes the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

Positive Attitude Founder David Nachman took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to show our fans how easy it is to make a difference in the world!   We at Positive At...Read More

Robin Williams with one Final Act of Charity

The legacy of Robin Williams will live on long after his death, with gifts of laughter and gifts of charity.   The late actor donated a custom-made Pegorette bi...Read More

Pay it Forward: A Heart Warming Story of Generosity and Kindness

It’s easy for people to become selfish and caught up in their lives, especially when times are hard.  We look out for ourselves, and our best interests, a...Read More

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