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Why is this Election so Scary?: What Every American MUST Know/Read Before They Vote in the 2016 Election

On the eve of what is quite possibly the most stressful, frustrating and anxiety ridden Presidential election of all time, many of us sit and wonder what our country has come to.   Between the candidate campaigns, media, social media and even Americans lashing out on each other, it’s become a ...Read More

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An Update from our Bravest Fan

A few months ago a woman named Rachel was brave enough to share her story with us about how she changed her fate!   It was both moving and inspiring and touched...Read More

Karrie Brown – Modeling the Future

When Karrie was born in 1996, I was given many pieces of advice, including never expecting anything from her.  No one told me of the joy and the gifts she would...Read More

Lauren Gaines

Lauren has a Bachelor’s Degree in Nutrition from Montclair State University and has utilized her education throughout her personal life as well as to provide a ...Read More

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