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No Butts About It, You CAN Quit Smoking

Most people who smoke don’t want to be smokers. They are aware it is unhealthy and they admit that they are addicted. Almost every smoker has gone through some stage of cutting back, quitting cold turkey, using anti-addiction medication, or switching to the dangerous and completely unregulated e-cig...Read More

Positive Attitude Success Stories
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Once Labeled the World’s Ugliest Woman, Lizzie Velasquez uses her Positive Attitude to Push Through and Define Herself

Born with an extremely rare and unknown syndrome, 25 year old Lizzie Velasquez has had a hard life.   Her syndrome has only been seen in two other people, and i...Read More

PA Fan Inspiration: Defying Destiny with a Positive Attitude

Positive Attitude loves to learn about our fans, and how having a positive attitude has impacted and improved their lives.   Their journeys inspire, motivate an...Read More

A 5k Journey to Prove to the World that Multiple Sclerosis Will Not Rule Her Life.

33 year old Kelli Merrit is no ordinary person.   On January 1st she took part in an nationwide event called Commitment Day, an annual event sponsored by Life T...Read More

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