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Pay it Forward: A Heart Warming Story of Generosity and Kindness

Pay it Forward: A Heart Warming Story of Generosity and Kindness

It’s easy for people to become selfish and caught up in their lives, especially when times are hard.  We look out for ourselves, and our best interests, and at times we may find ourselves in a situation where our own needs, or the needs of our family may come first.

On average, you’ll come in contact with hundreds of thousands of people in your life time.  Some are friends and family who will stay with us throughout out the years, and some may briefly pass though our lives called acquaintances.   The the others who we may not know well at all, we call  strangers.

Strangers come from all walks of life, and are typically initially judged on appearance or behavior, without any real knowledge of who they are, where they come from or what they’re about.  You won’t even know where they’re going most times.  Sometimes you don’t know what they are going through in their life but one tiny act of kindness can make their world a whole lot better.  It takes an amazing person to reach their hand out to a stranger and offer them assistance, but a simple generosity or kindness is all it can take to impact or change the course of our lives.   Paying it forward and offering the gift of kindness and generosity to a stranger does not go unrewarded.  It comes with the satisfaction that you’ve helped make someone’s life a little better, and a little easier.  That you’ve offered some type of relief, and goodness that will directly impact another person’s life, no matter how big or small.  Whether it’s a simple cup of coffee, offering to help an elderly woman with her groceries, donating your holiday time at a homeless shelter, or flying half way across the world to help distribute food, clothing and medicine to people in need.   Paying it forward is the best “chain” letter you can ever be apart of, and by living your life with guidelines of love and goodwill toward others, it will surely come full circle, maybe even when you least expect it.

Here’s a story of a wonderful man who paid it forward… and how that simple act of kindness and gift of generosity came back to him in the world.   Please enjoy and share it with your friends…  it will melt your heart.

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