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Positive Attitudes at Sochi Winter Olympics

Positive Attitudes at Sochi Winter Olympics

Reflecting on another successful Winter Olympics, no athletes understand better the power of positivity in the face of adversity than those who competed in the games at Sochi this year. Inspiring millions with their athleticism, determination, and sportsmanship, win or lose they all walk away with a positive attitude knowing that to simply be a contender at the Olympics, and being chosen to represent their country is an amazing achievement and something to be extremely proud of.   There are no losers here…

A few of America’s most “Positive” athletes

Resi Stiegler who competed in Women’s Alpine Skiing is no stranger to having a positive attitude.  Recovering from 5 major knee surgeries and two other major surgeries in her career, and still being on top of her sport to qualify for Sochi?  That doesn’t happen for a “Negative Nancy”… She came in 29th overall, but what a ride.  She’s charged up and looking forward to the future.

Shaun White Sochi Winter Olympics

Shaun White, the half pipe champion, had a rough time on the slopes in Sochi.   Holding the gold medal for the event for the past two olympics in a row he came into this year’s competition with a lot of pressure.   He injured himself in practice and withdrew from one event, he had a few rough falls during competition, and then when he failed to make the podium by finishing 4th, the media came down on him, excessively.   In the reality of it, the games are only ever four years so he’s held the gold medal title for 8 years…   On top of this, the young man who won, had to invent his own flip (YOLO FLIP) to do it!   With White placing in 4th, he gave himself a break.  Yes, he came in 4th, but 4th in the world!!  Put it in that perspective, he’s still on the top of his sport, even when he’s reaching an age where he’s considered to be old for extreme sports!  Being 4th in the world is nothing to be upset about and Shaun White was more than happy to be the first to congratulate the gold medal winner.

Julie Chu, the leader of the US Woman’s Hockey Team went into their game against Canada leading 2-0…  but then losing 2-3.   Instead of getting down on herself and her teammates, she expressed how proud she was to her teammates, despite the defeat.

Shani Davis of Men’s Speed Skating slide into Sochi as the #1 man to beat with top billing in the 1,000 and 1,500 meters.    He lost all four events.  Instead of blaming Under Armor for their “faulty uniforms” he put the blame where it should go – on himself.   He walked a way in great spirits, laughing and joking with teammates after elimination.

All the athletes of the Sochi Winter Olympic games have gotten their through hard work, dedication, determination… and a positive attitude.  Win or lose, they have all achieved greatness.   Favorite “positive” moment in Sochi?  Comment below!  We’d love to hear about it!

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