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Pregnant and Fighting Cancer: Staying Positive

Jennifer Brady of Overland Park, KS believes that the battle against cancer is only 10% medical and 90% attitude.   It was September 2011 when her lung collapsed that she learned she had cancer. She underwent radiation on her lungs and brain.   She finished up with treatments in March 2012 and had been cancer free for a year.

After beating lung cancer, her doctors told her she was healthy enough to start a family and within weeks, she became pregnant.  Unfortunately, soon after, Jennifer had discovered a lump on her back that had turned out to be a high-grade neuro-endiocrine cancer which was attacking her liver and back.   Her biggest fear in starting cancer treatment again?  The affects it would have on her unborn baby of 22 weeks.  Jennifer opted to wait until the start of the third trimester to undergo chemotherapy, but treatments had to be done to save hers and her unborn baby’s life.

Jennifer has undergone three rounds of chemotherapy in hopes that it will enable the survival of her and her baby.  Despite the baby being underweight and having immune system issues, it’s brain is still developing well, which is a great sign.   She knows she’s not the only woman to fight cancer while pregnant, but it is still a constant struggle to save both of their lives.  Jennifer will need more treatment, including radiation and additional rounds of chemotherapy after the baby is born.

Her attitude, “You either deal with it and get through it or it consumes you. And I’m not willing to let it consume me,” she said. “You are your best cheerleader.  Some moments are tougher than others. There are great moments along the road too. One of the best parts, if you can say there’s a best part about cancer, is just the amazing aspect of the human spirit, and how supportive and phenomenal people can be,” Jennifer said. “I think we forget that quite a bit in our day-to-day lives going through the motions.”

Jennifer is staying strong.  She has a strong belief that dealing with cancer is all about your attitude toward it.   She’s not willing to let her cancer ruin her positivity, or the chance that it may affect the outcome.  She’s also not willing to let it ruin the present, and the future time she does have.   A brave woman, and role model,  we have our fingers crossed for Jennifer and are sending positive thoughts to her and her family.

Credit: – Pregnant Woman Battles Aggressive Cancer – Nov 15, 2013

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