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Social Media is Weakening Your Friendships

Social Media is Weakening Your Friendships

People are the spice of life.  Wealth, possessions, and experiences are great, but they tend to lack a little luster if there is no one there to share it with.  Having a good friend by your side can make a joke twice as funny, a moment twice as sweet, and a sunset twice as gorgeous.  Friends are there to pick you up when you’re down, celebrate with you through the good times, and always have your back no matter what life throws at you. They  help you make memories, they bring out the best in you, and they provide love and companionship which is truly a priceless asset in this world.

Due to the dawning of social media, friendships have become weaker.  Social profiles are filled with acquaintances and connections are lost due to an incessant need to communicate virtually.  The best way to nurture or develop a friendship is to spend some real FaceTime, and I don’t mean on your iPhone!  Go out to lunch, join a yoga class together, or embark on an epic ladies night out.  Make time for your friends as much as possible and put your cell phones away.  Enjoy the moments with them, relive them in your heart and mind… and share them in campfire stories and wedding toasts…  they are appreciated so much more than your last Facebook status update, which get overlooked and flooded by daily diet & health routines, celebrity gossip, and well planned selfies.

Social Media is a great way to make friends.  You can join a MeetUp group or make a new connection on LinkedIn.  You can reach out to a person you met through a mutual friend last night at a party on Facebook.  You can find an activity or sport that you like and sign up for an event.  But its up to you to take that friendship to the next level.

With the ability to reach out to so many friends online, we tend to stop reaching out to individual friends directly.  With constant photos and status updates, we tend to lose quality contact with close friends and acquaintances tend to stay acquaintances.   Depending on how busy your friends may be, they may notice your status update, or due to the way content is published across platforms today such as Twitter and Instagram, people are too busy talking about themselves to engage in meaningful conversion.   Small talk on a news feed may be your daily correspondence with friends and family, but when was the last time you actually picked up the phone and called (not texted) a good friend about your day?   Sure it’s convenient to tell all 700+ Facebook friends about your day, but its much more valuable to pick up the phone or to meet up with a few close friends and talk face to face about your day.   5 amazing friends are more meaningful then 700+ acquaintances that you have met once, and only correspond with in bulk, briefly ever few weeks when you or they post a status update that peaks some interest.

Stop being lazy and stop connecting yourself to so many people that you distance and disconnect yourself from the ones that matter.  Take the time to make a phone call or meet up with your friends instead.   When you are out with your friends, put your phone away and enjoy their company.  They’ve come a long way to see you, but not to “see you texting” on your phone all evening, more worried about tagging yourself in locations and updating your Facebook status so that everyone who isn’t with you, all those hundreds of acquaintances that barely influence or impact your life know how much fun you are having.   Love the ones you’re with…

There’s a million ways to make a friend, and only one way to keep them.  Put the technology down and make good times together.   Stop worrying about quantity, and nurture your quality friends by spending time with them off a computer, tablet or PDA device.   Create strong connections with great people that will publish memories in your heart and mind.  Stop letting your constant connections disconnect you from what is really important in life… real, solid, strong and priceless friendships.

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