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Surviving the Post-Election Apocalypse with a Positive Attitude

Surviving the Post-Election Apocalypse with a Positive Attitude

Post Election Day Positivity: How to Stay United and Hopeful!

Immediately following the election of our 45th president, sadly the country became a divided nation.  Never before have so many Americans been so torn, conflicted and upset during an election period.  While a winner was declared in Donald J. Trump, it was a heartbreaking loss for America and her citizens.  This loss didn’t come from either side not being victorious, it came from the breaking heart of our country as some friends, neighbors, relatives and complete strangers began celebrate while others began to turn on each other in anger and in fear and began to rally together to protest.

People took to social media to publish political findings and opinions on their Facebook and Instagram accounts.  Others took to marching the streets of populated cities and towns in protest.  Some protests were peaceful and powerful, sending a message to others in a positive way, while others resorted to burning flags, blocking traffic, waiving offensive and hurtful banners, and yelling obscenities out loud for the public to hear.

Our heart goes out to Americans and we want to let you know that no matter what side of the vote you are on, that we completely understand how you feel.  We want you to know that you definitely have a voice and you have every right to be heard.  Your opinion matters as well as your vote.

All we ask is that today, Americans take a step back and breath.  Take a deep breath and release all of your election day stresses, frustration and energy and let the negative out.   Today is a new day and it’s a very important day for you.  It’s the day you put behind all the negative thoughts, feelings and actions that have occurred, whether they are your own or the actions of others and look forward to the future of this wonderful country with the most positive of thoughts and mindsets.  We’ve  included a list of helpful tips to help you get through the final election day aftermath so that we can come back together as a country united in hope, love, peace and the belief of a positive future for America.

Tips for Surviving Post Election Day Apocalypse:

1. Turn off your social media.  Your friends, family and loved ones may still be posting and arguing their political beliefs on all social channels.  Lower your stress levels by putting the arguments out of sight.  Simply spend the next few days away from social media.  The posts will fade, and life will go on.  You’ll be much more relaxed, and less frustrated.

2. Understand that not everyone understands.  Everyone comes from different backgrounds, have different trains of thought, have different priorities and concerns, and get their information from different news sources.   They may not know as much as you, they may not have all the facts on a situation and they may have read through biased news publications giving them a different interpretation or point of view on a specific political matter.  Before you get frustrated and lose your temper, take the time to understand why they may think the way they do.  Take the time to inform them of the facts and help them connect the dots in a peaceful and civil matter, instead of arguing.

3.  When you name call, you’re no better than the people you’re name calling.  We’ve spend months watching political candidates call each other every name in the book it’s no surprise that we do it as well.  Nobody likes to be labeled and when you do use profanity to get your point across it’s not always well received by others.  With an endless choice of great vocabulary words, surely we can communicate our opinions with well thought out ideas and facts instead of resorting to the mudslinging that made this election messy in the first place.  Try your best to keep your words polite and respectful.

4. Be tolerant and kind over the opinions of others.  Not everyone is going to agree with your political point of view.  Not everyone sees the world the way you do and not everyone has the same priorities, concerns or fears. They may assign a higher value to issues that you don’t worry about and you may feel strongly on issues they simply don’t have experience with.  People get influenced from different sources, news, the internet, relatives and friends, coworkers and peers and sometimes develop the attitudes about candidates that reflect how others feel for fear of fitting in.  There is no reason to be unkind or mean or hurtful to someone who feels or thinks or believes in things differently than you.  It doesn’t mean they are wrong and it doesn’t mean they are right.  It just means that they have a different opinion.  Have tolerance that others are in pain.  Instead of knocking them down, give them a hug or a handshake or kind words to help ease their troubled minds.  Not all differences in opinions need to erupt into arguments.

5. Have a solid understanding of your own beliefs and do your research.  Not everyone takes the time to educate themselves well.  People are quick to quote and repost biased or faux media sources and propaganda.  They are quick to make comments and form opinions on issues before they truly know all the facts.  Do your research and research well.  Research what both sides involved are saying and research various sources that have different views and opinions.  Assess all of that data collectively and decide for yourself how you feel.  Don’t let any one person, news source or media publication make your mind up for you or convince you to believe in things that just are not true.

6. Agree to disagree and don’t put others down for their beliefs.   Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions.  If you want people to treat you with respect, you must respect them.  Refrain from starting arguments in person or on social media just to get your point across.  Don’t call people names or put them down for what they believe in.  Agree to disagree and walk away from the conversation until you cool down.  It’s not worth losing a friend over.

7. Listen and ask questions instead of pushing your opinion.  If you see someone posting or talking about something you disagree with, you don’t need to start an argument.  Instead, start a conversation.  This doesn’t mean you just say or post a reply with your entire set of political beliefs and agenda, it means you also have to consider and listen to what the other person is saying.  You need to open your eyes to their logic and not be so quick to close the door on it.  Instead of just telling people you feel they are wrong, and telling them how they should think or feel, ask questions.  By asking the right questions you are engaging in a helpful and positive conversation that may actual open their eyes to things they didn’t realize.  Ask questions about things they’ve said, ask questions to bring up things they’ve missed and ask questions to better understand why they feel the way they feel.  People are much more receptive when you listen and engage, and respect their opinions as opposed to just telling them how they should feel.  By engaging in a true and thoughtful conversation you both can bring up points, have your opinions heard and better understand where the other person is coming from.  Remember just because they disagree, doesn’t mean that they are wrong.

8. Support and sympathize with your fellow Americans.  They all wear different shoes.  People come from different social and economic, politics and ethnic backgrounds.  They are in different states, social classes, religions, and careers.  They come from different walks of life and believe in and feel different things.  Right now Americans are upset.  You can choose to add to their frustration, or you can help to relieve it.  No matter what your political beliefs are, we are all in this together and need to reunite our country.  Have patience and sympathy for your friends and neighbors during this very confusing and stressful time.  Hugs, and handshakes and smiles and kind words go a long way.  Support what your fellow Americans are going for and have patience for it.  Be the better person.  Accept victory with humility, and accept defeat with class and maturity.  Win or lose we are a nation of amazing people who are all in this together.

9. Understand the country’s laws, the power of your voice and how change is made.  Many Americans right now on both sides of the election are upset and are aggressively making their opinions heard.  It may be through social media posts, protests, or other simply talking to others.  While some actions may seem like a good way to get your point across at first really take the time to realize if your time is well spent and if your actions are truly going to result in the change that you are looking for.  Change in this country does not happen overnight. It does not happen without dedication, ambition and extremely hard work.  It does not happen without educating and communicating with others to help open their eye and get them to understand.  It doesn’t come through acts of anger, hate or violence.  It doesn’t come simply because you believe it should be.  It doesn’t happen because people voice their opinions.   It happens through not only the “actions” of Americans, but the strong, effective and dedicated actions, the right actions…  We believe that all Americans should stand up for what they believe in and follow and pursue what they want, but in a way that actually gets you what you want.  Arguing and posting article links on your friends and families social media pages may not get you what you want, but educating yourself and well as actively educating others in politics and voting during the election is definitely a great start!

10.  Move forward with a Positive Attitude.  The election is over and a president has been elected.  Whether you stand behind him or not, it’s definitely time to move forward in life with a positive attitude and mindset, to unite our country and rebuild our beliefs in it’s potential and to help your fellow Americans do the same.  Wasting time and negative energy on the past and things that are not necessarily going to change today only tears us apart and holds us back from a great possibilities that lie ahead for us in this country.  We can’t continue to dwell on the past, we all need to be positive, tolerant and have faith in our fellow Americans.  After all, we live in the greatest country in the world… any minute spent not appreciating how wonderful and remarkable America is, or enjoying your life in the happiest, most stress free way possible, is a minute of your life wasted.  The power and strength of your fellow Americans have helped to mold, shape, and protect this country and it’s values for centuries and as long as we stand united, will continue to do so infinitely.  Take a deep breath, let go of the resent, fear and frustration and move forward believing that the best is yet to come.  Make plans to make a difference.  Use this as an opportunity to work toward a change, learn from mistakes, grow as an individual, inspire others and truly open up your life to new ways of thinking and possibilities.  We live in a country founded on the dreams and actions of our forefathers, that now grows and thrives on the dreams and actions of people like yourself.  Find the positive in it all and use it to make you a stronger person.

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