pay it forward

Pay it Forward: A Heart Warming Story of Generosity and Kindness

It’s easy for people to become selfish and caught up in their lives, especially when times are hard.  We look out for ourselves, and our best interests, and at times we may find ourselves in a situation where our own needs, or the needs of our family may come first. On average, you’ll come in contact with hundreds of thousands of people in your life time.  Some are friends and family who will stay with us throughout out the years, and some may briefly pass though our lives called acquaintances.   The the others who we may not know well at all, we call  strangers. Strangers come from all walks of life, and are typically initially judged on appearance or behavior, without any real knowledge of who they are, where they come from or what they’re about.  You won’t even k...

Young Man Pays it Forward and Changes a Soldier’s Life

An amazing story of an act of kindness from an 8 year old boy, toward an American Soldier, that changed his life.  It will also melt your heart.

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