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Wearing a Smile

Wearing a Smile


Our friend Jared Hicks wanted to share his story with us.  We couldn’t be more proud to share it, and his wonderful song with you!



A few years ago I lost my buddy Jack to cancer… Wait, wait before you get all sad there’s more to the story!

Jack knew me since the first breath I took on this earth. He was always in my life in some aspect or another. When he first got sick, I was mad. I didn’t understand how this could happen to a guy like Jack and what I also didn’t understand was how Jack didn’t seem a bit worried. He continued on with life as if everything was perfectly normal. What was even stranger was he almost seemed happy about it. You would never see him when he wasn’t smiling or laughing no matter how he felt physically, mentally he was happy. Towards the end the only thing I could figure was he was just smiling because he knew he was going to beat us to heaven! They say everything happens for a reason and although it really hurt to lose Jack, the strength and resiliency he showed throughout his battle touched a lot of people. He taught us that no matter the situation, no matter what cards we’re dealt, life’s a lot easier wearing a smile! I often think about Jack and his approach to life and the other day, out of the blue this song came to me. I literally wrote the lyrics in 5 minutes. I truly believe Jack sent me this song… I just wrote it down!

I’ll never forget Jack and I hope I can go through my life “wearing a smile” like him!

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