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Why is this Election so Scary?: What Every American MUST Know/Read Before They Vote in the 2016 Election

Why is this Election so Scary?: What Every American MUST Know/Read Before They Vote in the 2016 Election

On the eve of what is quite possibly the most stressful, frustrating and anxiety ridden Presidential election of all time, many of us sit and wonder what our country has come to.   Between the candidate campaigns, media, social media and even Americans lashing out on each other, it’s become a bitter war between the parties full of absolutely nothing positive and enlightening.  This election is, for lack of a better phrase, scary, and most people believe that by tomorrow the future of our country will be in the hands of either a criminal or a racist who has no respect for women.  But just breath…  while I support no specific party or candidate, I can help you make the right choice by explaining a few things that are wrong about this election that you need to know before you vote tomorrow.

1. The Presidential election has become a war of Democrats Vs Republicans.  

Throughout the years and through decades of elections people used to make conscious decisions about which party their belief system best supported and who’s ideas and plans made the most sense.   They took the time to truly educate themselves and become involved and really learn about each of the candidates, what they stood for and where the parties would take the country.   After the election, the parties shook hands and moved forward together in the most genuine and best efforts to work toward a better America.   Not anymore.  Thanks to media, publicity, social media, dirty politics, investors and super-delegates, special interests, and hidden agendas the country has become two parties divided instead of two parties united.  There is a war raging for control of the Supreme Court, control of the Senate seats, and control of the Presidency.  It’s moved far away from what’s best for the country and moved toward what is best for each individual party.  Instead of being open to ideas, each party targets a set of bold ideas and beliefs set to target different demographics and voter interests in different ways in order to earn or buy your vote.   Our two parties have spent so much time fighting each other that they get little accomplished.  In fact they make it their sole mission to make sure that the other parties don’t get their agendas passed in office by making it as difficult as possible by voting against them.  Our political parties have sincerely lost touch with what is best for America and it’s citizens and are drowned in their own personal agendas and contempt for the other party.   It used to be two parties working together to help the best ideas, plans and policies shape and improve the country. Now it’s become a literal Game of Thrones where one party is trying to unseat and eliminate the other to gain majority control.

2. The Ideals/Identities for each Presidential Party force the candidates to be, at times, dishonest, and to change their views on certain topics.

For example even though the Supreme Court ruled on Roe v. Wade back in 1973, both parties still act like this is an issue that needs to be overturned, with Republicans and their Christian undertones spouting their antiabortion beliefs while Democrats in their efforts to agree to the larger part of the population hold a strong stance in ProChoice.  However, Hillary Clinton is on record explaining that she felt abortion should be illegal, but now that she is running for the Democratic Party, she’s since adapted the attitude that abortion should be free choice.  This is because she knows it’s what Democratic supporters expect her to say.  Apparently if you are Democratic, you have to be prochoice.   Donald Trump has stumbled on the question every time he’s been asked publicly.  He avoids giving an outright answer and says he’ll support any overturn of the law down to a state by state level, but will not outright say that he believes abortion should be illegal.  This is because if you are Republican you are expected to be “pro life” however, Donald Trump may not necessarily be pro life or he may not want to dissuade Democrats from voting for him because he preaches beliefs of pro life.  This is why he tries not to say anything at all.   To be quite honest, the fact that we’re still fighting about this topic is very archaic.  It’s never going to be overturned and it’s topics like this that need to not cause such controversy or even be applied to a parties identity.  It only causes candidates to lie about their own personal beliefs.   This being said, know that by voting for one candidate or the other, you’re not supporting or voting against abortion or other topics and beliefs that tend to go hand in hand with each of the different parties.  These beliefs are outdated even though they are still brought up in debates.  It’s honestly become a tradition at this point, like cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving.  Not everyone cares for it, but every year it’s always present and there for you to either like or dislike.   I would be amazed if it ever changes and your decision to vote for a specific party does not define you to all their “traditions”.

3. All media sources, especially TV stations, networks and TV personalities on TV Shows that air on certain networks are all biased to one political party or the other.  This includes the “Polls”. 

I’m not saying you can’t trust everything you see, hear or read, but I’m saying, you can’t trust it.  Not completely.  Every news group or media publication from Bill Mayher on HBO to CNN and Fox news is biased and has an agenda.  They all support one political party and/or candidate and just like a lawyer in front of a jury, they give you the facts, in a way that fits their agenda.  For example Fox news, which tends to be right wing Republican, will boost up coverage for Trump and other Republican interests.  Other networks such as HBO (owned by Time Warner) and ABC news are in favor of democrats in which they will give more positive coverage for democratic interests and candidates, and negative converge and media on republican interests.   The same exact thing goes for the internet.  Websites all have political agenda and will present everything they can out of context to better serve their own interests and paint each candidate in the light they want to paint them in.  You have to remember, there are three sides to every story.  Republicans, Democrats and the truth!

We’d like to believe that what is posted on the political candidate websites is true. If you noticed during one of the Presidential debates Hillary Clinton had people updated her version of the “facts” based on issues brought up at the debates and kept telling people to go fact check on her own website, a website that is going to present every fact in the way she wants you to believe it.  When doing research you need to go through as many unbiased (if you can find them) reliable news sources as possible and make your own decisions on what you truly believe.  Each of these candidates is a salesman trying to earn your business (vote.)

This also includes the Polls.  The polls are used to both encourage and discourage voters by showing projections that are pure, inaccurate estimates.  They encourage voters to come out and cast their ballots for certain candidates and they discourage voters to bother even casting ballots for other candidates.  No matter what you NEED to cast your ballot for your candidate no matter what the polls say.  They are NOT accurate.  They are a small sourcing of a small group of Americans but in no way represent or are genuinely accurate representations of the election’s outcome.  You need to vote the way you want to vote regardless of any projections.  If you let these projections discourage you they win and your voice and vote will not matter or ever be heard.

Not only this people live in a world on social media where they feel the need to be heard but NEVER listen.  They only do enough verification of facts and self education online to back up what they think they already know from biased news sources that support their claims, instead of really going to the full lengths to find out what actually happened from both sides.  Its a one way street and it needs to stop.  We need to listen and understand before we speak or we only argue and resent each other.  United we stand, divided we fall.

4. This Election an election of personal attacks not plans for the future.

If you wonder why you may find this election so stressful, it’s because there is nothing truly productive about it.  Not that is being advertised about media anyway.  We see ad after ad on TV, or Facebook each one more controversial than the next accusing each candidate of doing something wrong – whether they are lying, stealing, cheating on their taxes, groping women, in trouble with the FBI, taking international bribes, involved in Email scandals the candidates and their political campaigns spend more time on published media attacking other candidates then they do actually talking about the good they have done for the country, what they can do for the country and what they plan to do for the country.  They don’t have messages about the future or outlines of their healthcare plans, they don’t talk about how they are going to accomplish the promises they are making.  They do nothing but bash the other candidate day in and day out in every and any way possible.  And not for nothing, but this is why all of us do it.  Because we don’t know anything about the how’s and what’s of their plans.   They spend hours talking about how Hillary is a criminal and how Trump has no respect for women.  They spend more time trying to make you hate the other candidate instead of like and believe in them and show America what they have to offer.  This leads us to #5…

5. Americans are not voting FOR the candidate they want, they are voting AGAINST the candidate they don’t want.  And RESENT America for it.  

The worst part about this election is that both parties don’t even like their own candidates.  There is such a hatred, separation and resentment toward both candidates by both parties down to the bottom line that the majority of Americans don’t feel that either Trump or Hillary are fit to be President.  So instead of outwardly supporting the candidate they want, (because many Americans are embarrassed to be supporting either candidate) they bash and spout the facts they believe why others should not support or why they do not support a particular candidate.  Essentially Americans are trying to decide which candidate is the least terrible and making the plunge to vote for them to prevent the candidate they feel to be the most unfit from becoming President.  For months people have been arguing, yelling and proclaiming not necessarily their support in the plans and qualifications of the candidate they love but the scandals, shortcomings and hatred for the candidate they like the least.   Americans are caught between a rock and a hard place feeling they need to choose the lesser of two evils and resent both political parties for putting them in the position to have to choose between two seemingly unfit or controversial candidates.  Americans are angry, and they feel let down and cheated by the politicians they have tried for years to support and believe in.

6. Most Americans don’t know what it means to be Democratic or Republican.

Its a shame, but this is true.  If you were to ask the average American what it means to be in either one of the two parties they will spout stereo types and traditions not real fact based knowledge.  They’ll tell you ignorant blanket statements such as Democrats favor the middle and lower class, socialism and prochoice, while Republicans favor big business, the wealthy, hold Christian values and are pro life.   The problem is that most people have no idea what it means to be affiliated with these parties, and we’re even at a point where the parties themselves are starting to lose their own identities.  Just because you are a certain race, class, religion, sexual orientation, income bracket or any other social or political status, does not mean you need to identify or assign yourself to support that party’s candidates or beliefs.   You are allowed to mix and match or choose what policies or plans you want to support and you are allowed to like ideas from every political party.  The problem is that this war between the Democrats and Republicans has torn this country in half that people tend to feel it makes them look or have to be one way or the other or get associated with one stereotype or the other to support one candidate or political party or the other.  Bottom line is you need to stop thinking about which “party” you want to vote for and vote for the person you believe in with the plans and ideas you believe in.   You don’t have to call yourself a Republican or Democrat because honestly, what does that really mean?  Most have no clue.

7. There are more than two candidates for President.  The special interest of the media has suppressed the exposure of the other two parties.  

Yes.  There are more than just two candidates.  It’s not just Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.  AND there is not just one woman running for President.  Gary Johnson is the political candidate for the Libertarian Party, and Jill Stein is the political candidate for the Green Party.  However, neither of these two candidates get any media coverage on TV or even during the debates… why?  Because neither party serves the best interests of the media groups and TV stations broadcasting.  It’s a catch-22.  They explain that they decide which candidates to publicize based on their popularity and the polls, but when neither of these two candidates gets any coverage, majority of Americans don’t know who they are, what they stand for and that they can even be elected President.  With the hours and hours and hours of coverage surly any network could spend a few minutes talking about either of these candidates, interview them or even allow them to participate in a debate so Americans can learn more about our options, yet they choose not to.  Because our country is driven by politics and political agendas that these parties just do not serve.  It’s upsetting and completely unfair not to give every candidate a fair chance in media and to get in front of the eyes of our country.  Instead they make us feel that we only have two choices, right now, two choices of which most Americans don’t want to choose either one.  Please take the time to learn more about these candidates… they may have the same ideas and values as both the Republican and Democratic parities, without all the drama, mud slinging, criminal investigations, accusations and political scandals surrounding them.

If you’d like to learn more about Jill Stein and the Green Party: Jill Stein

If you’d like to learn more about Gary Johnson and the Libertarian Party: Gary Johnson

 8.  You can still vote for Bernie Sanders.

While he didn’t win the Democratic nomination, you can still vote for Bernie Sanders.  While he didn’t write in or register to be a write in Candidate, if you live in California, Iowa, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Washington and Alabama, you can actually write in Bernie Sander’s name on the ballot and it will count as a vote toward that candidate.  If you do this in other states, it will not (or probably will not) count toward a vote to any candidate.  There may be a few other states that allow write ins but you will have to check.  You also need to write in his name correctly   Bernard Sanders (Bernard “Bernie” Sanders) with Tulsie Gabbard as the vice president.   While some people say that a write in vote for Bernie is technically a vote for one candidate or the other (depending on if the state’s typical allegience tends to be red or blue) but do not let this discourage you from casting your vote for the candidate you want.  I’m not for or against Bernie Sanders, but as a politician, and out of the three front runners, he was the most fit, the most qualified and the most sincere and honest out of all the candidates.  Whether you agree with his policies and plans at all or not, there is no hidden agenda in Bernie Sanders then for the good of the American people.  He used and raised his own money to campaign, and has no hidden agendas.  There are no controversial scandals or accusations toward him being used to tear him down either.  He was in this election for all the right reasons and if you love or hate him, you still need to respect that he has always had America’s and only Amercia’s best interests at heart.   If you still believe that Bernie is the best choice for America then let your voice be heard.

9. Elections are “rigged” toward the voting honesty of politicians.  When you vote, you don’t actually vote for President.  Thank you, Electoral College.  

If left up to the people, it was believed by some that they couldn’t be trusted and if left to their own devices, the village idiot or the town crook would be voted into office due to their popularity and for all the wrong reasons.  Here we are 229 years later and we’ve come full circle to having a village idiot or a town crook on the verge of election.   Delegates at the Constitutional Convention in 1787 were divided on how to pick the nation’s president. While some pushed for the popular vote to determine the commander-in-chief, others were in favor of Congress picking the president and some believed state legislatures should decide. Instead, a compromise was reached where regular citizens would have a say, but the final decision would be made by electors. Electors who have voted against the people’s decision or abstained from voting are known as faithless electors.  Faithless electors are rare, but are a big problem within the system.

So when voters head to the polls, they aren’t directly picking their next president. Instead, the outcome of the vote in each state determines a slate of electors, who then make the actual choice of president and vice president.

The Electoral College is comprised of 538 electors, which equals the 435 Representatives, 100 Senators and 3 electors given to the District of Columbia. Each state’s number of electors is equal to the number of its U.S. Senators (always two) plus the number of its U.S. Representatives, which is dependent on the state’s population. Each party with a candidate on the ballot puts forth its own slate of electors, and a candidate must earn a minimum of 270 electoral votes to declare victory.  The problem is that most states have a “winner takes all” system in place for the voting where even if there is a close majority of votes for different candidates the majority winner will get all of that state’s votes.  This is why you will see Presidential candidates often visiting what are called “swing states” during election campaigns.  These states have the ability to swing red or blue, depending on the candidates in any election, while other states tend to stay or always have been either consistently red or blue.

Under the 12th Amendment, an election in which no candidate receives a majority of electoral votes is decided in the House of Representatives, with each state delegation having one vote for president. A majority of states (26) is needed to win. The Senate then separately votes for vice president, with each senator allowed one vote. If the House of Representatives is unable to elect a president by Inauguration Day, the vice-president elect would serve as acting president until the deadlock is resolved in the House.  There was one occasion when the candidate, Al Gore, won the popular vote by 51% against George Bush, but still lost the election in the Electoral College votes 271 to 266.    Many people believe this is unfair, especially with the “winner-take-all” system in place.  Will this ever change?  Not any time soon.  It would require an amendment to the constitution…  however, it may be time.

10. Your vote can prevent both Hillary and Donald from becoming elected into office.  

While your Third-Party Vote may not necessarily get your Third-Party candidate elected, it may prevent both Donald and Hillary from getting the necessary 270 electoral votes needed to become President of the United States.  The third-party candidate you vote for, be it Jill Stein or Gary Johnson, only needs to win ONE key state in order to prevent this from happening.  JUST ONE.  While it’s never happened before, we’ve never had an election where both political parties are in such resentment and disgust with their own political candidates as well as the opposing candidates before.  You just need to vote for the delegates who are voting for these candidates.  It is possible to rock the vote especially in an election where both parties are in disgust and fear with their own as well as each other’s candidates.  This year could be the year that Americans fight back and their voices get heard.  This year we could take a stand against Democratic/Republican crooked agendas and media and give the power back to the people who truly care about making America better.  You don’t have to vote against the candidate you don’t want.  Vote for the candidate you do.  Anything can happen in this election and you need to believe in the power of your own voice and your own vote.  Believe in the values this country was build on and take the power of this year’s election into your own hands.  Stop the fighting and war between political parities and make a choice that forces them all to unite.  Politicians need to respect and stand behind the people of this country and let our voices and beliefs be heard.  This is our country and we are not limited to two choices.   You need to choose the candidate you want to win, not vote against the candidate you don’t want.  This country was formed on the unpopular votes and opinions of the people who believed it could be something truly great.  It was formed on the voices and beliefs of people who believed they deserved justice, freedom, fairness and that a better way was possible.  Do NOT be afraid to vote for the candidate you support and believe in.  If we all are brave enough to take a stand and vote for the candidate we truly want to win and believe in, then we will take back this country and unite it like never before.  So whether it’s Trump, Hillary, Stein, Johnson, Bernie, or anyone else you believe is fit to lead America and make the changes needed to make it the most wonderful country in the world, do not be afraid of the unpopular vote.  Vote with your intellect, your intuition, with your beliefs and with the best interests of this country and it’s citizens at heart.

Good Luck America!  We can’t wait to see who you decide…


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